Quality of Life

Quality of life and the living environment have an impact, not only on individual and collective well-being, but also on a territory’s long-term economic and social development. People’s feelings of belonging to a city, and their desire to live there, do creative work, and be active participants are all factors that propel the development of dynamic communities and increase their attractiveness to new residents, tourists and entrepreneurs. The SSE operates in fields that are essential when it comes to a decent living environment: it facilitates access to housing and provides local services that answer the needs and aspirations of communities; it generates solutions to make local resources accessible (physically, geographically, financially, etc.); and it creates opportunities for residents to become involved in the planning and management of the “Commons” in its broadest sense, not just known and recognized public spaces. By joining their efforts with local governments, the SSE’s capacity to improve residents’ well-being is enhanced, which in turn has a direct impact on the economic and social development of the city.