Montréal is pleased to welcome the 3rd edition of the Global Social Economy Forum GSEF2016, which is co-organized by the city.

Photo_maire_coderreMontréal is a solidarity-based and inclusive city that values partnerships with social economy enterprises. Initiative, participation and solidarity have always been important values of life in Montréal. A few years ago, Montréal published “Le Partenariat en économie sociale pour un développement solidaire et durable”, a document that continues to guide city actions.

A leader in the field of social economy, Montréal has supported a number of projects over the years, including Pro-Vert Sud-Ouest, an organization that manages eight ecocentres in Montréal, as well as Coforce, an adapted work enterprise that hires persons with physical or mental disabilities and is responsible for the maintenance of the Montréal soccer stadium, Biodôme and Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium.

Cooperation between local governments and social economy enterprises help cities develop in an intelligent and sustainable way. I would like to invite the cities and key players involved in social economy to come in great numbers to the Global Social Economy Forum GSEF2016 in order to share their initiatives and achievements, and so we can all together get the most benefit from this greater solidarity.

Denis Coderre
Mayor of Montréal



It’s with great pleasure that the Chantier de l’économie sociale invites you to participate in the 2016 Global Social Economy Forum. As co-organiser of the Forum, we see this event is JMA01-HD2-weba unique opportunity to reflect together on the collaboration between local governments and the social and solidarity economy for the development of cities.

For many years now, Quebec has enjoyed an international reputation in this regard. All over the world, the Quebec social economy model generates interest, particularly with regards to the collaboration between of civil society and public authorities and the co-construction of public policy. Far from being alone, Quebec is part of a growing international movement in favor of a more equitable and sustainable economy where collective entrepreneurship plays a major role in local development. The GSEF2016 will undoubtedly be a space for discussions and reflection that allow us to learn from each other.

All the more reason why we invite you to participate in the GSEF2016 by proposing your initiative or by being present at the Forum; in all cases you will be contributing to the achievement of an incomparable international event.

Jean-Martin Aussant
General Director